The light is the only being that becomes the universal unit among beings in the world. It is well known that Einstein's theory of Relativity also depends on immutability of the velocity of light. Light belongs to the electromagnetic wave in which velocity is constant although the wavelengths are varied. The visible rays make up a set of those different wavelengths, and the set can be divided into the spectrum.

reasoning of isomorphism between light and life

Living beings acquire the energy from the light of the Sun. It is more plausible to regard the form of life energy as basically identical with the pattern of the spectrum of light. Although the energy transformation from the light to life are taken place apparently by photo synthesis in plants on the level of molecular biology, the style of such transformation with its chemical reactions may be, throughout the process of evolution, the developed form adjusted in the most convenient way. We can imagine that there must had been a primitive style of energy transformation which is more direct in accepting the elements of light. In other word, we can assume that the fundamental pattern of life was homologous to the spectrum.

the framework of our lives is equivalent to that of light

Regardless of whether there existed such a primitive style or not, it is clear that our lives are affected by the spectrum of light. The framework of our lives is a developmental and feedback process of division and synthesis of life energy. The pattern of the spectrum governs our lives in the phase of its division, and the light in the phase of its synthesis.

first example

Alternation of generation, for example, is the framework of our lives and shows the typical case of this process. Most living beings, as they grow, become either male or female. Then out of the union of male and female a neutral one, a child is produced.

second example

Moving up to the level of our mind, our intellectual function is also governed by the light and the spectrum. When the intellectual part of our mind functions, subject and object are separated and the subject looks for any order or essence in the object which is still chaotic. If the two are orderly united, its understanding is accomplished.

identity from archetypal life to God

Here, we can assume that the structure of the spirit and the pattern of life energy are essentially identical. Since Aristotle, it is the fundamental premise in metaphysical thinking to regard that Life, Spirit, Reason, and God consist of the same entity. In Aristotle's '4 causes'; matter, form, moving cause, and final cause, 3 causes are essentially identical except matter. There is a teleological understanding behind this identity, which penetrates the isomorphism of above 4 stages of Lives. In German Idealism, the major thesis of Schelling's philosophy of Identity was that the creative life of nature and the creative power of thought were one. If there is no such a premise, Hegel's dialectics does not hold up. Hegel thinks that the self-developmental movement of life, as it is, becomes the movement of perception and finally, it reaches the Absolute Spirit.

Hence if we acknowledge the premise that there is a teleological isomorphism from light to spirit, the symbolic system based on the life energy can analogously represent the structure of spirit.